5 Backyard Prepping Tips

With the arrival of longer days and warmer weather, it's time to embrace the great outdoors and breathe new life into your yard. Here's a list of tasks to help you transform your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat.

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

 Show your lawn some love by giving it a well-deserved makeover. Tune up your lawnmower, aerate the soil, and spread fertilizer to encourage lush green growth. Patch up any bare spots and get ready to enjoy a healthy, vibrant lawn. 

Outdoor Furniture & Barbecue Prep

 Dust off your outdoor furniture and bring out the barbecue from hibernation. Give everything a thorough cleaning and check your propane levels. With a fresh grilling surface and cozy seating, you'll be all set for summer gatherings. 

Clear Dead Growth from Flower Beds & Pots

 Bid farewell to winter's remnants by clearing away dry leaves and branches from your flower beds and pots. This allows sunlight to nourish emerging plants and helps you plan your garden for the upcoming season. 

Clean Your Deck/Patio

 Winter's residue may have left your deck or patio looking less than inviting. Roll up your sleeves and give it a good scrub to banish dirt and grime. After a thorough cleaning, rearrange your outdoor space for a fresh new look. 

Start Planning for Some Colour

 While it may be too early to plant, now is the perfect time to plan your garden's colour palette. Research which plants thrive in your climate and start placing flower pots to visualize your outdoor oasis.