What to Expect When Adding a Pool to Your Home

Posted by Nutan Brown on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 at 1:34pm.

Adding a pool to your home can be a great investment both for your family and the financial benefits when it comes time to sell. If you're thinking adding a pool to your home, here are a few things to consider 


While having a swimming pool can add enjoyment and value to your home, you have to consider the costs involved. The price of installation will vary depending on many factors including size, access, type, and landscaping, but typically it can cost anywhere from $75,000 to $200,000. You will also have regular maintenance fees, which can cost about $2,000 - $3,500 per year. It's possible to lower these costs by opening and closing the pool yourself or by keeping your pool heater off, but there will still be fees associated with maintaining sanitary water levels and purchasing the necessary pool equipment.


Before installing a pool, you'll want to consider if the value outweighs the cost. In terms of the financial value, think about the type of buyers who typical live in your area. If you live in a city where the summers are hot, and buyers would be interested in having a backyard pool, it could be a worthwhile investment. On the flip side, young families with babies and young toddlers might not be as interested in a home with a pool, which could pose a safety hazard for their children.


Maintaining your pool takes time and effort. Each year you will have to close your pool in the winter and reopen it in the summer. There are pool services that you can pay to do this, or you can choose to do it yourself. While your pool is open you’ll have to maintain the sanitary levels, which involve measuring the pool chemistry regularly to ensure your pool is clean and safe to swim. You'll also need to skim the pool to get rid of any debris on top and vacuum the bottom. 

While a pool and its maintenance are not for everyone, including potential buyers, they are an upgrade to your outdoor living space and sure to be enjoyed by friends and family alike. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime!

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