Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Posted by Nutan Brown on Monday, January 18th, 2021 at 10:23am.

Last year made us rethink the relationship we have with our homes, as homeowners were forced to adjust to new ways of living caused by lockdowns from the pandemic. As a result, we saw a shift in interior design trends that are expected to continue into this year.

Here are the top interior design trends you can expect 2021:


Multifunctional Spaces

Last year we had to reimagine the layout of our homes as lockdown orders forced us to adjust to new ways of living. We turned our living spaces into home offices, gyms, and even classrooms to adapt to stay at home orders. This trend is expected to continue into 2021 as lockdowns are still in effect and people are getting used to the new normal.


Decorative Lighting

This year people are looking for more ways to make their home a comfortable and functional living space. Swapping out regular incandescent bulbs for smart lighting options allow you to set schedules and create an ambience to fit your needs – whether that’s Zoom meetings, cooking prep, or just relaxing in the living room.


Indoor Plants

An increasingly popular way to freshen up your living space is with indoor plants. As we are spending more and more time indoors, plants are the perfect way to bring the outside in and reconnect with a part of life that we’ve been missing. Having a collection of interior plants wins on all levels: Aesthetic, functional and mental.

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If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us it’s that the kitchen, home office, family room, playroom and living room shouldn’t all be in the same place. While open concept living won’t disappear entirely, you can expect homeowners this year to value their privacy.

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