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Just because the days are shorter and the weather is cold doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up the exterior of your home. Whether you are looking to sell or dress up your home for the winter, here are 4 tips to enhance your curb appeal.


Clear the Snow and Clutter

A fresh snowfall can certainly look nice, but leaving your driveway and walkway unkempt will give your home a sloppy look. Cleaning up the snow will also help make your home accessible and safe for guests or prospective buyers. Make sure all toys, shovels and lawn equipment are put away as well to create a more clean and inviting atmosphere.  

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Plant Some Seasonal Greens

Winter provides us with plenty of grey days, so placing some…

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The Canadian real estate market is expected to sit in seller’s territory for 2021. This is great news if are considering selling your home. But those who have their sights set on buying a home this year will face some challenges. Here are 4 tips for buying in a seller’s market.


Make Your Offer Simple

Buying a home isn’t only about price. Most offers include contingencies that need to happen to move the deal forward. Sellers tend to view these contingencies as potential risks for a deal to fall apart. In a seller’s market, removing or reducing the contingencies can make your offer more competitive.

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Make An All-Cash Offer

All-cash offers are often preferred by sellers…

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As the first month of the New Year comes to an end, we get a glimpse into 2021 and what the Toronto housing market has in store. Despite the cold weather, January came in hot with a total of 6,928 monthly transactions, representing a year-over-year increase of a whopping 52.4% in sales.

While this number might seem big, we have to consider that real estate activity, particularly over the last few months, has been abnormal. For example, as stated in our market update for November 2020, a record number of homes were sold in October which represented a 25.1% increase from the previous year. This trend continued into November and December to close out the year.

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Interestingly, the number of sales wasn’t the…

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The recent pandemic has changed the way we use our kitchens. Now more than ever homeowners are spending an abundance of time cooking from home, causing a shift in consumer habits and behaviours.

Here are some of the trends you can expect to stay throughout 2021:


Touchless Faucets

Hands-free functionality saw an increase in popularity last year, and demand continues to grow into 2021. Inspired by a heightened awareness of hygiene around the home, touchless faucets are quickly replacing traditional faucets in the modern kitchen. This new faucet feature is not only more hygienic, but it can also help you be more productive in the kitchen too.


Increased Storage

The past year not only changed what we cook, but the way we cook…

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